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A Guided Tour Through the PREEMPT RT castle

By August 25, 2021Blog, Workshop

In May, the ELISA Project hosted its 7th Workshop with 239 participants from 37 different countries. For a complete recap of the workshop, click here. Today, we’ll take a look at one of the sessions titled “A Guided Tour Through the PREEMPT RT castle” presented by Thomas Gleixner, CTO at Linutronix GmbH.

The tour through the inner workings of PREEMPT_RT will start at the observation deck to give an conceptual overview. From there it will take the participants through the various chambers which contain a broad range of historic and contemporary operating system technologies. The tour will not only take the hallways it is also going to explore some of the secret passages and the brave-hearted can take a glimpse at the horror cabinets.

General knowledge about operating system concepts is recommended for taking the tour, but of course it’s open for everyone and all chambers have exit doors if it gets too spooky.