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Christopher Temple

Christopher Temple is Lead Safety & Reliability Architect at Arm.

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Elana Copperman

Linux Features for Safety-Critical Systems WG Chair

Elana Copperman, PhD is a System Safety Architect at Mobileye (part of Intel).

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Gabriele Paoloni

Safety Architecture WG Chair

Gabriele Paoloni is an Open Source Community Technical Leader at Red Hat where he defines best methodologies and requirements to qualify Linux for functional safety usage.

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Jason Smith

Jason Smith is currently the Principal Engineer for Robotics and Control Systems Consumer Technology at UL LLC.

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Kate Stewart

Medical Devices WG Chair

Kate Stewart is the VP, Dependable Embedded Systems at The Linux Foundation.

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Lukas Bulwahn

Tooling WG Chair

Lukas is a community member since the inception of the ELISA project.

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Milan Lakhani

Milan is a software engineer & safety practitioner at Codethink Ltd.

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Paul Albertella

Open-Source Engineering Process WG Chair

Paul Albertella is a consultant at Codethink.

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Philipp Ahmann

TSC Chair and Systems and Automotive WG Chair

Philipp Ahmann is a technical business development manager at Robert Bosch GmbH with focus on Open Source activities.

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Shuah Khan

Shuah Khan is a Linux Kernel Fellow at The Linux Foundation.

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Steven H. VanderLeest

Aerospace WG Chair

Steven H. VanderLeest (PhD in computer engineering, University of Illinois) is a Software Technical Lead at The Boeing Company.

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Sudip Mukherjee

Sudip is a Kernel Engineer at Codethink Ltd.

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