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Alessandro Carminati

Linux Kernel Software Engineer

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Christopher Temple

Lead Safety & Reliability Architect, Arm

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Gabriele Paoloni

Safety Architecture WG Chair

Sr PE | Open Source Community Technical Leader, Red Hat

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Kate Stewart

Medical Devices WG Chair

VP, Dependable Embedded Systems,The Linux Foundation

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Lukas Bulwahn

Community Member

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Matt Kelly

Tools WG Chair

Associate Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company

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Milan Lakhani

Software Engineer and Functional Safety Practitioner

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Paul Albertella

Open-Source Engineering Process WG Chair

Consultant, Codethink

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Philipp Ahmann

TSC Chair and Systems and Automotive WG Chair

Technical Business Development Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH

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Shuah Khan

Linux Kernel Fellow, The Linux Foundation

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Steven H. VanderLeest

Aerospace WG Chair

Software Technical Lead, The Boeing Company

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Sudip Mukherjee

Kernel Engineer, Codethink

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