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ELISA Ambassadors are technical leaders who are passionate about the mission of the ELISA Project, recognized for their expertise in functional safety and linux kernel development, and willing to help others to learn about the community and how to contribute. 

The ELISA Ambassador Program is created to bring together a group of technical leaders to collectively 

  • Educate others on the mission and goals of the ELISA Project
  • Raise awareness, visibility, and impact of the ELISA community work
  • Promote the results of use case analysis by ELISA Working Groups
  • Engage with the safety and Linux kernel community
  • Bring in and onboard new contributors to the ELISA community

ELISA Ambassadors are qualified to speak on behalf of the ELISA Project at conferences and local events and meetups. They’re available to contribute tutorials, articles, and blogs. And they’re willing to share their knowledge and help mentor and onboard new contributors into the community.


Elana Copperman

Elana Copperman, PhD is a System Safety Architect at Mobileye (part of Intel).

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Eli Gurvitz

Eli Gurvitz is a Functional Safety Architect at NVIDIA.

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Jason Smith

Jason Smith is currently the Principal Engineer for Robotics and Control Systems Consumer Technology at UL LLC.

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Jeffrey Osier-Mixon

Jeffrey "Jefro" Osier-Mixon is a Principal Community Architect with Red Hat.

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John MacGregor

John MacGregor is currently spicing up his retirement by participating in various ELISA working groups.

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Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart is the VP, Dependable Embedded Systems at The Linux Foundation.

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Lukas Bulwahn

Lukas is a community member since the inception of the ELISA project.

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Philipp Ahmann

Philipp Ahmann is a technical business development manager at Robert Bosch GmbH with focus on Open Source activities.

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Roberto Paccapeli

Roberto Paccapeli is a Functional Safety Manager and Community Leader at Red Hat.

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Shuah Khan

Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation.

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Sudip Mukherjee

Sudip is a Kernel Engineer at Codethink Ltd.

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Are you interested in becoming an official ELISA Ambassador?

Requirements for becoming an official ELISA Ambassador are:

  • Affiliated with an ELISA Member organization or an active contributor to the community.
  • Good understanding of safety in general and the basics of the Linux kernel and able to answer FAQs around ELISA, Linux, and Safety
  • Available to speak on behalf of ELISA at conferences and events or contribute to blogging or documentation 
  • Actively engaged with the community in some significant way, whether that’s in a role as a technologist, a contributor, a speaker, or an influencer. 
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