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The Enabling Linux In Safety Applications (ELISA) project aims to make it easier for companies to build and certify Linux-based safety-critical applications – systems whose failure could result in loss of human life, significant property damage or environmental damage.

ELISA members are working together to define and maintain a common set of tools and processes that can help companies demonstrate that a specific Linux-based system meets the necessary safety requirements for certification. ELISA is also working with certification authorities and standardization bodies in multiple industries to establish how Linux can be used as a component in safety-critical systems.


Here are the channels to get involved. Please consider this your invitation to participate.

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May 15, 2024 in Blog, Seminar Series

Ferrocene: Qualifying the Rust compiler out in the open

Ferrocene is a fully open source toolchain to enable the use of the Rust programming language in safety-critical environments. It is a proper downstream of the main Rust compiler –…
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April 9, 2024 in Blog, Industry Conference

ELISA Project at embedded world

The world of embedded systems is multifaceted – from hardware and software to services and tools. The embedded world Exhibition & Conference brings the entire embedded community together once a year in…
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April 3, 2024 in Blog, Working Group

Working Group Spotlight: Automotive

To kickoff 2024, ELISA hosted an annual Working Group Update where all of the leads share a quick overview, milestones achieved and plans for the new year. The update meetings,…
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