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The ELISA Project hosts workshops on a regular basis to gather the project community to accelerate technical collaboration and output, and plan for future goals. It is intended as a technical community collaboration forum to advance the mission of the ELISA Project. More specifically, the Workshop series provide the avenue to: 

  • Explore ideas about approaches, processes, tooling, and testing that can be incorporated into building safety-critical applications and systems  
  • Exchange perspectives and feedback from the Linux kernel, safety, and other adjacent open source project communities
  • Provide updates about the various Working Groups’ current activities and priorities and future roadmaps
  • Enable real-time collaboration to make more accelerated progress on current work streams 
  • Define and articulate near-term technical goals and priorities
  • Educate and onboard new community members
  • Activate and increase engagement and contributions from a broader range of contributors

The workshops are generally held in person to facilitate more open discussions and real-time collaboration. Virtual access can be provided if there is sufficient interest. Several workshops were held virtually during the pandemic.

Upcoming Workshops

Fall/Winter 2024 – details coming soon

Recent Workshops

June 2024 Lund Workshop

October 2023 Munich Workshop

June 2023 Berlin Workshop

September 2022 Manchester Workshop

Virtual Workshops

April 2022 Workshop (recordings)

November 2021 Workshop (recordings)

May 2021 Workshop (recordings)