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Invest in Yourself With Best in Class Bootcamps – Save 50% Today!

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Ready to set your career on an award winning path in February? Make the commitment to invest in yourself and your career today with Linux Foundation training and certifications.

Now through the end of February we are offering serious discounts on our most popular training and certifications, with even bigger discounts on Bootcamps and Bundles:

Not sure which is the best offer for your career? Check out our IT Career Roadmap to see how Linux Foundation certifications guide your career toward: Systems & Infrastructure, Network & Security or Software Development.

Don’t wait, offers end February 28, 2023.

Cyber Monday

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With the new year approaching, what better time is there to plan for the future? 

Many technology professionals are looking for ways to level up in their career in 2023. In the spirit of planning for big moves and meeting opportunities well-prepared, the Linux Foundation is once again offering CyberMonday promotions – 30-65% off – on our most popular courses, certifications, bootcamps and bundles. 

Courses, Certifications and Bundles

Linux Foundation Training & Certification courses and certs are among the most well-recognized and respected in the technology industry. 

Right now you can save 50% off any course or certification in our catalog, including our popular CloudNative certs – CKA, CKNA, CKS and KCNA. (While you’re browsing our course catalog, be sure to check out our brand new offering – the Linux Foundation Cloud Certified Technician (LFCT) that was launched just this week!)

Even better, you can save even more – 65% off – when you combine certifications and courses, or purchase multiple certification exams with bundles and power bundles. 

Once purchased you’ll have access to your course and will be able to schedule your exam for up to a year. Our certifications come with verifiable digital badges that are good for up to three years once the exams are passed. 

Bootcamps and In-Person Training

Looking for a deeper-dive into the subject matter? Linux Foundation bootcamps offer incredible value with course materials, online mentorship and instructor feedback, and a learning community to help you master DevOps, Cloud Native Development and Cloud Engineering skills. At 65% off, you won’t find a better deal on a quality bootcamp to help you learn these subjects anywhere.

And, if you’re missing the in-person training experience – good news! The Linux Foundation also offers virtual, instructor-led training. 

Introducing Skillcreds

Finally, this week the Linux Foundation Training & Certification team has launched an entirely new credential series focused on practical, tool-specific technologies. Skillcreds for Vim, Git, Helm, YAML and Bash are available at 30% off now through 12/5/22.

This is your chance to get incredible savings on world-class training and certifications that can boost your earning potential and help you grow in your career. Talk to your employer about whether or not your company will help pay for your training. But act quickly – these incredible savings come only once a year and are good only through December 5, 2022.

Gain Skills to Enhance Your Career

By Blog, LF Training & Certification

It’s the time of year that kids around the world are heading back to the classroom. This is great timing to jump on the opportunity to improve your own knowledge and gain the skills to pursue a lucrative career in open source technology. The recently released 10th Annual Open Source Jobs Report from the Linux Foundation and edX found 93% of hiring managers are having difficulty sourcing candidates with open source technology skills, and nearly six in ten are giving open source professionals higher salary increases than other roles.

There are a lot of different open source technologies in high demand, but the skillsets most sought after are cloud computing/containers, DevOps and Linux. This is not surprising as to make the most of a cloud deployment, you need to understand at least basic Linux operations and commands, as well as DevOps practices which are used for developing and operating cloud deployments. In addition to gaining these skills, verifiable certification exams like the popular Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) enable you to demonstrate those skills to employers.

Linux Foundation Training & Certification provides comprehensive training in all of these and many other open source technologies including blockchain, web development, networking, cybersecurity and more. To make this training more accessible to everyone, we’re offering a FREE companion training course with a certification exam purchase through August 30, 2022. This means if you purchase a CKA exam, you will receive access to the Kubernetes Fundamentals training course at no additional cost.

Be sure to use code BACK2SCHOOL at checkout to save.

Apply for a Linux Foundation Training Scholarship by April 30

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Written by Dan Brown, Senior Manager, Content & Social Media, Linux Foundation Training & Certification

It’s that time of year – Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) Scholarships are here! Since 2011, The Linux Foundation has awarded over 1,100 scholarships for millions of dollars in training and certification to deserving individuals around the world who would otherwise be unable to afford it. This is part of our mission to grow the open source community by lowering the barrier to entry and making quality training options accessible to those who want them.

Applications are being accepted through April 30 in 12 different categories:

  • Open Source Newbies
  • Teens-in-Training
  • Women in Open Source
  • Software Developer Do-Gooder
  • SysAdmin Super Star
  • Blockchain Blockbuster
  • Cloud Captain
  • Linux Kernel Guru
  • Networking Notable
  • Web Development Wiz
  • Hardware Hero – NEW
  • Cybersecurity Champion – NEW

Whether you are just starting in your open source career, or you are a veteran developer or sysadmin who is looking to gain new skills, if you feel you can benefit from training and/or certification but cannot afford it, you should apply. 

Recipients will receive a Linux Foundation eLearning training course and certification exam. All certification exams, and most training courses, are offered remotely, meaning they can be completed from anywhere. 

Winners will be announced this summer.

Meet past winners

Apply today!

Make Your Voice Heard – 2022 Open Source Jobs Report!

By Blog, LF Training & Certification

Written by Dan Brown, Senior Manager, Content & Social Media, Linux Foundation Training & Certification

The Linux Foundation has once again partnered with edX for the next iteration of the Open Source Jobs Report. The report examines the latest trends in open source careers, which skills are in demand, what motivates open source job seekers, and how employers can attract and retain top talent. Last year’s report can be found here. This year’s report will also examine the extent the “Great Resignation” has affected the technology industry.

The report is anchored by a survey exploring what hiring managers are looking for in employees, and what motivates open source professionals. All participants will receive a discount code for a Linux Foundation training course or certification exam upon survey completion.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences. The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete, and all data is collected anonymously.

Check out the 2021 Open Source Jobs Report here.

Lock in Best Pricing of the Year on Linux Foundation Training & Certification for Cyber Monday

By Blog, LF Training & Certification

Written by Dan Brown, Senior Manager, Content & Social Media, LF Training

As we approach a new year, this is the perfect time to consider what you want your career to look like in 2022. Job openings are at record highs, and this is especially true in the IT field, where the 2021 Open Source Jobs Report found that 92% of hiring managers are unable to find enough talent to meet their organizations’ needs. A primary mission of The Linux Foundation is helping close the talent gap so the industry has the talent necessary to carry out digital transformation activities and continue innovating, while also creating accessible pathways for anyone who wants to start an IT career to do so.

We are excited to once again offer our best pricing of the year on our entire catalog of training courses, certification exams, bundled programs, and bootcamps for Cyber Monday. From now through December 6, 2021, all these fantastic offerings covering hot topics like cloud computing, system administration, networking, blockchain, web development, embedded systems, and more are available at significantly reduced cost. As the home of some of the most important open source technologies like Kubernetes, Linux, Node.js, Hyperledger, and more, The Linux Foundation provides vendor-neutral training directly from the experts helping build these projects.

This year’s Cyber Monday offers include:

Bootcamps (Save 65%. Use Code: CYBER21BC)

PowerBundles (Save 65%. Use Code: CYBER21PB)

Pricing:  Pricing is $1150 $399

  1. LF258+CKA with LFD259+CKAD
  2. LFS200+LFCA with LFS201+LFCS 
  3. LFS258+CKA+LFS260+CKS
  4. LFS250+KCNA+LFS258+CKA

Bundles (Save 65%. Use Code: CYBER21BUN)

Pricing:  Pricing is $575 $199 except LFCA+LFS200 and KCNA+LFS250 are $299 $105

  1. CKA+LFS258 – Kubernetes Admin
  2. LFCS+LFS201 – Linux SysAdmin
  3. CKS+LFS260 – Kubernetes Security
  4. CKA+CKS – Kubernetes Administration and Security
  5. LFD259+CKAD – Kubernetes Developer
  6. JSNAD+LFW211 – Node.js. Application Developer
  7. JSNSD+LFW212 – Node.js Services Developer
  8. LFS272+CHFA – Hyperledger Fabric Admin
  9. LFD272+CHFD – Hyperledger Fabric Developer
  10. LFS232+CFCD – Cloud Foundry Developer

Bundles (Save 65%. Use Code: CYBER21NEW)

Pricing:  Pricing is $299 $105 for LFCA+LFS200 and KCNA+LFS250; $425 $149 for LFCA+KCNA

  1. LFCA+ LFS200 – Entry-Level IT
  2. KCNA+LFS250 – Entry-Level Cloud Native
  3. KCNA + LFCA – Entry-Level IT and Cloud Native

Certifications (Save 50%. Use Code: CYBER21CC)

Pricing: Pricing is $375 $187.50 for most certifications; $250 $125 for LFCA and KCNA

View the certification catalog

You can check out the full details of everything that is on offer on our Cyber Monday Landing Page. Begin your journey to a long-term, successful career in IT today!