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Certifying Linux: State of the Art and Lessons Learned after Eight Years

By March 21, 2024Blog, Seminar Series

In 2018, in the course of the SIL2LinuxMP project, we summarized the knowledge gained around research questions and suggested potential solutions using Linux in safety-related systems in the paper “Certifying Linux: Lessons Learned in Three Years of SIL2LinuxMP.” Since then, the activities using Linux in safety-related systems has continued to attract more experts and more commercial attention. However, it is still a challenging activity to pursue. In this video, we explain, reflect and comment the areas of work and activities that have been followed the next five years throughout the industry and how they relate, complement initial ideas that were collected in the SIL2LinuxMP project.

As part of the ELISA Seminar series, Lukas Bulwahn, Safety Software Key Expert at Elektrobit, gave a presentation titled, “Certifying Linux: State of the Art and Lessons Learned after 8 Years.


The ELISA Seminar Series focuses on hot topics related to ELISA’s mission to define and maintain a common set of elements, processes and tools that can be incorporated into Linux-based, safety-critical systems amenable to safety certification. Speakers are members, contributors and thought leaders from the ELISA Project and surrounding communities. Each seminar comprises a 45-minute presentation and a 15-minute Q&A, and it’s free to attend. You can watch all videos on the ELISA Project Youtube Channel ELISA Seminar Series Playlist here.

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