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Safety Certifying an Open Source Project: The Example of Xen

The Linux Foundation hosted the Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS), a new umbrella event for open source embedded projects and developer communities to come together under one roof for important collaboration and education, in Prague, Czech Republic, on June 27-30. More than 1,300 people registered for the conference – representing 375 organizations across 56 countries around the globe. 

EOSS hosted the Safety-Critical Software Summit, which was sponsored by the ELISA Project, that gathered safety experts and open source developers to enable and advance the use of open source in safety-critical applications. As part of the Summit, Stefano Stabellini, Fellow at AMD, and Bertrand Marquis, Principal Software Engineer at ARM, gave a presentation titled,Safety Certifying an Open Source Project: The Example of Xen.

Safety is important to software everywhere human lives are at risk. In these environments, safety standards must be followed to minimize the risk to humans and to follow regulations. Safety standards such as ISO 26262 come with a series of requirements and processes that sometimes clash with well-established Open Source software development practices. How do we reconcile safety certifications and Open Source?

This presentation will provide some insights to answer that question, using the Xen hypervisor as an example. Xen has a micro-kernel design and provides a virtualization solution for embedded and automotive while having a code base small enough to make certifications possible. This presentation will go through the changes to upstream processes that the Xen community adopted during the last 12 months to align community activities with safety-certification requirements. It will discuss any additional changes planned for the near future. The talk will also cover the latest updates from the Xen FuSa working group on MISRA C, traceability, testing, etc. Watch the video below:

Click here for the presentation slides. Click here to view the other videos from the Safety-Critical Software Summit.

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