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ELISA Seminar: PREEMPT_RT – How not to break it (Video)

By November 22, 2022Blog, Seminar Series

In March, the ELISA Project launched the Monthly Seminar Series, which focuses on hot topics related to ELISA and its mission. Presenters are members, contributors and thought leaders from the ELISA Project and surrounding communities. You can find all of the seminar videos here.

In October, Sebastian Siewior from Linutronix presented a seminar titled,  PREEMPT_RT – how not to break it.

The PREEMPT_RT patch set has only a handful patches left until it can be enabled on the X86 Architecture at the time of writing. The work has not finished once the patches are fully merged. A new issue is how to not break parts of PREEMPT_RT in future development by making assumption which are not compatible or lead to large latencies. Another problem is how to address limitations on PREEMPT_RT like the big softirq/ bottom halves lock which can lead to high latencies.

A short background of the RTL Collaborative Project: The Real Time Linux collaborative project was established to help coordinate the efforts around mainlining Preempt RT and ensuring that the maintainers have the ability to continue development work, long-term support and future research of RT. In coordination with the broader community, the workgroup aims to encourage broader adoption of RT, improve testing automation and documentation and better prioritize the development roadmap.

Would like to know more on how it’s all started? You can find more details here:

Watch the full video here:

Materials from the seminar can be found here.

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