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Integrity of the Safety Application Address Space (video)

By July 20, 2022Blog, Workshop

The Spring ELISA Workshop, which took place on April 5-7 virtually, had more than 130 global registrants that learned more about the various working groups, hot topics related to enabling linux in safety applications and networked with ambassadors. If you missed the workshop, you can check out the materials here or subscribe to the new ELISA Youtube Channel and add these sessions to your watch list.

Red Hat’s Christoffer Hall-Federiksen, Senior Software Engineer, and Gabriele Paoloni, Senior Principal Software Engineer and Chair of the ELISA Project Governing Board, presented a session titled, “Integrity of the Safety Application Address Space.”

In this video, you’ll get an overview  of the address space descriptors and critical Linux Kernel code involved along different scenarios (process creation, memory allocation, context switch, etc.), safety goals and an interactive discussion on the next steps. 

Watch the video below.