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Mixed-Criticality Processing on Linux (Video)

By June 15, 2022Blog, Workshop

The Spring ELISA Workshop, which took place on April 5-7 virtually, had more than 130 global registrants that learned more about the various working groups, hot topics related to enabling linux in safety applications and networked with ambassadors. If you missed the workshop, you can check out the materials here or subscribe to the new ELISA Youtube Channel and add these sessions to your watch list.

Christopher Temple, Lead Safety & Reliability Systems Architect at Arm Germany GmbH, and Paul Albertella, ELISA Project TSC member, Chair for Open Source Engineering Process Working Group and Consultant at Codethink, presented a session, “Mixed-Criticality Processing on Linux.”

Check out the video that features the presentation and community discussion about how to create a common understanding of mixed-criticality processing on Linux and the related problems, collect and discuss alternatives for addressing the problems. 

In the video, you’ll see there is good engagement from existing ELISA participants and new ones, and the group ended with a clearer understanding of the challenges faced when safety functions co-exist on a system with non-safety functions, and with other safety functions. There was a broad consensus about how ELISA might provide useful guidance for how to tackle some of these, by describing design patterns for systems that include Linux, rather than focussing on what Linux needs in order to be ‘safe’.