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Safety Monitors Inside the Kernel (Video)

By June 1, 2022Blog, Workshop

The Spring ELISA Workshop, which took place on April 5-7 virtually, had more than 130 global registrants that learned more about the various working groups, hot topics related to enabling linux in safety applications and networked with ambassadors. If you missed the workshop, you can check out the materials here or subscribe to the new ELISA Youtube Channel and add these sessions to your watch list.

Gabriele Paoloni, ELISA Project Governing Board Chair and Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, and Daniel Bristot, Senior Principal SW Engineer at Red Hat, gave a presentation at the Spring ELISA Workshop titled, “Safety Monitors Inside the Kernel.”

The recently proposed “Runtime Verification Monitor” framework, which can be found here, has the capability of monitoring the Kernel Drivers / Subsystems to behave as expected and to protect them against interference from within the Kernel itself. The video will explain how the RVM framework works with a specific focus on the Watchdog Monitor that has been proposed in the patchset and how it can support a functional safety claim. Watch it here: