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Open Source Automation Development Lab Survey

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Written by Philipp Ahmann, an ELISA Ambassador, Chair of the Automotive Working Group, Chair of the Systems Working Group, and Technical Business Development Manager at Bosch 

One of ELISA’s industry partners Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL), which is the leading competence network providing services to use Open Source Software in industrial products, is hosting a survey to get a better picture on demands and pain points of industrial use of embedded Linux.

Their mission is to:

  • Support with services and products to use Open Source Software in industrial products sustainably.
  • Provide broad knowledge and a wide network of experts to accompany your product development throughout all stages.
  • Assist in complying with legal requirements, safety and security standards and we certify your products and processes.
  • Defend the interests of our members and those of the Open Source community.

They are independent and invite any interested party to join. Currently, they are asking for help in a survey until the end of September:

The idea behind the survey is simple:

The landscape of Linux distributions currently in use is very heterogeneous. A way forward can be to pick one or more existing distributions that come closest to an ideal industry-grade Linux and enhance them by adding missing components. In this way the current (unsatisfactory) situation of Linux distributions for embedded systems in industry applications can be significantly improved. The survey should help to identify these potential distributions, missing components and key additions needed. 

The results will be published to those who participated in the survey. Fill out the survey today by September 30 here: