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Aligning Automotive Standards with Open Source Excellence

Dylan Dawson, Head of Partner Management at Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, gave a presentation about “Aligning Automotive Standards with Open Source Excellence,” at The Safety-Critical Software Summit, which took place on April 16-18 in Seattle, Washington. 

Free and open-source software (FOSS), particularly Linux, is gaining traction in automotive embedded solutions and High-Performance Computing Platforms due to its advantages over proprietary alternatives. However, assuming liability for FOSS-based issues presents challenges in software quality assurance and risk control. The automotive industry, relying on the ASPICE maturity model and safety standards for assessment, faces a mismatch with the decentralized nature of FOSS development, driven by community contributions. FOSS’s decentralized quality assurance measures make single-entity regulation impractical, compounded by the extensive Linux code base, rendering low-level ASPICE Process Reference Model processes economically infeasible.

This presentation proposes a tailored approach incorporating ASPICE with compensation measures for FOSS specifics. This aims to achieve quality assurance and risk mitigation goals, enabling assessment through the ASPICE Process Assessment Model and adherence to functional safety standards. The video details these strategies, emphasizing a nuanced approach harmonizing FOSS principles with industry standards for reliability and safety in automotive computing. Watch here: 


The Safety-Critical Software Summit took place under the Embedded Open Source Summit, where more than 860 individuals attended in-person at the event with 79% holding technical positions. To see all of the videos from Summit, visit the ELISA Youtube Channel and click on the Safety-Critical Software Summit Playlist

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