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Three Google Summer of Code students accepted to contribute to Linux kernel verification

By May 22, 2019July 15th, 2021Announcement, Blog

The project proposals of three Google Summer of Code students contributing to Linux kernel verification have been accepted. The three students, Isaac Avram (Izzy) , Mark Balantzyan, and Himanshu Jha have proposed the following topics:

  1. Isaac Avram (Izzy) : Extending Coccinelle with Complex Types
  2. Mark Balantzyan: Analysing Race Conditions in the Linux Kernel
  3. Himanshu Jha: Applying Clang Thread Safety Analyser to Linux Kernel

They will be mentored by Julia Lawall, Alexey Khoroshilov and Lukas Bulwahn, respectively. These three Google Summer of Code projects are governed under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation and the projects are contributing to generally relevant activities for the ELISA Project.

More specifically, one of the building blocks to the safety compliance argumentation in the ELISA Project is the research, investigation, experimentation, use and establishment of verification measures and tools in the Linux kernel development. The ELISA Project embraces the activities in these projects and is looking forward to the projects’ results and the inclusion of new members to the verification activities around the Linux kernel development through the Google Summer of Code student program.