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First ELISA Workshop in June 2019

By May 7, 2019December 4th, 2020Workshop

A first ELISA Workshop is planned for:

Date: 2019-06-13 and 2019-06-14
Time: 9:00 to 17:30 CEST
Location: BMW Group Training Academy, Röntgenstraße 7, 85716 Unterschleißheim (near Munich), Germany

Discussion will be on technical topics in this area, e.g., on further discussion of Webinar topics. The workshop will also include working together on first project ideas and setting up groups to continue work with the experts available at this face-to-face meeting. Anyone interested in software quality management around the Linux kernel, software safety management and engineering of pre-existing, tool development for Linux kernel development and investigations of the Linux kernel sources should attend.

The workshop is intended to be considered an open discussion and shall allow groups to start small project work on the topics we identified interesting, based on the different skills and interests of the participants. The exact agenda is open to discussion on the ELISA mailing list and up to the participants to finally decide.

The workshop is open to everyone, but you would need to register for the workshop by 2019-05-31 by sending back a registration email on the ELISA mailing list ( This deadline is hard, as at the location is not very flexible with external guests.

Possible hotels in Unterschleißheim for accommodation are:

Infinity Hotel & Conference Resort Munich, Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1, 85716 Unterschleißheim
Star Inn Hotel Muenchen Nord by Comfort, Rathausplatz 8, 85716 Unterschleißheim
Victor’s Residenz-Hotel München, Keplerstraße 14, 85716 Unterschleißheim
Brauerei Gasthaus Lohhof, Südliche Ingolstädter Str. 4, 85716 Unterschleißheim
City Partner Hotel Alarun, Weihenstephaner Strasse 2, Unterschleißheim

If you have any further questions, please join and ask them on the ELISA mailing list.