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ELISA Project at Linaro Connect 2023

We’ve got a few more weeks to go before Linaro Connect, which takes place on April 26-28 at the Park Plaza London Riverbank in London. Once a year, engineers, developers, thought leader and software experts come together for technical sessions and hacking. Discussions focus on the future of open source software, solutions and best practices.

This year, ELISA Project is participating in the Linaro Connect 2023 event and will be presenting an update on the progress in Enabling Linux in Safety Applications (ELISA). The session, which is scheduled on Friday, April 28 from 11:20 – 11:35 am, will be presented by Philipp Ahmann, Product Manager Embedded Open Source at Bosch and Chair of the ELISA Technical Steering Committee (TSC) and Kate Stewart, Vice President of Dependable Embedded Systems at The Linux Foundation and Chair of the ELISA Medical Devices Working Group. Both speakers have extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of embedded systems, open-source software and safety-critical applications.

During the session, attendees will get an overview of the goals and technical strategy of the ELISA project. The presentation will cover the different work groups involved in the project, such as Linux Features for Safety-Critical Systems, Software Architecture, Open Source Engineering Process, Tool Investigation, and Code Improvement. The session will also explore how these work groups interact and contribute to the overall project.

The session will provide information on the methodologies and tools in use, existing challenges, and why the different puzzle pieces are all needed for enabling Linux in safety-critical applications. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of where the ELISA project stands today and what comes next. A discussion of how this work can complement other Linaro initiatives will be explored.

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Overall, the ELISA project’s attendance at Linaro Connect 2023 offers an intriguing chance to learn more about how the project is making Linux-based safety-critical applications possible as well as vertical use case working groups like Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace. These working groups are aimed at addressing specific challenges related to enabling Linux-based safety-critical applications in their respective domains.

If you’re attending Linaro Connect 2023, don’t miss the ELISA Project talk, especially if you’re interested in functional safety. The session will provide valuable insights into the project’s goals, strategies, challenges, and future plans.

To learn more or register for Linaro Connect, click on the main event website.