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ELISA Summit: Systems WG – Status and Roadmap (Video)

By October 19, 2022Blog, ELISA Summit

An estimated 185 people registered for the ELISA Summit, which took place virtually on September 7-8 to gather Linux community members and attendees from around the world. The event, which featured 15 sessions and 20 speakers, was open to anyone involved or interested in defining, using, or learning about common elements, processes, and tools that can be incorporated into Linux-based, safety-critical systems amenable to safety certification. Members of the ELISA Project community presented best practices and overviews on emerging trends and hot topics to using open source software in safety-critical applications and detailed working group updates.

We’ll be featuring event videos in blogs each week. Today, we focus on a popular sessions presented by Philipp Ahmann, Business Development Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH. He represents the ELISA project of the Linux Foundation as an ambassador and leads the automotive as well as systems work group.

Based on the proposal during the last ELISA virtual workshop, a new Systems Working Group was started within ELISA. During the ELISA Summit in September, Philipp gave an overview about the working group foundation, activities, ongoing projects and roadmap. He also provides a rough roadmap towards the beginning of 2023 and a first sketch on how the group can evolve over the next years.

Watch the video below or check out the presentation materials here.