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ELISA Project Mentorships – Apply Today!

By May 5, 2021Blog

The ELISA Project is sponsoring two part-time summer mentorships, which runs from June 1- November. ELISA Project Ambassador Lukas Bulwahn will be mentoring both projects.

Linux Kernel: Checkpatch Documentation

Previous mentees have been evaluating, re-visiting and improving the checkpatch script and its various rules. Towards the end of the mentorship, they have also started to document the rules and their rationales (with references to previous discussions and documentation), but not all rules are fully documented yet. The task in this mentorship is to continue evaluating the rules, identifying the known typical false positive cases, writing the documentation of the rules and explaining the rules’ rationales and known false positives. Apply here:

Linux Kernel: Mining for Maintainers

Jonathan Corbet identified in his article MAINTAINERS truth and fiction [] that about 2,800 files in the kernel repository have no dedicated maintainer in the MAINTAINERS file (see for the full list of files). Jonathan Corbet sets out the call for action: “the vast majority are header files under include/, most of which probably do have maintainers and should be added to the appropriate entries.” The task in this mentorship is to follow this call for action and add the header files under include/ to the appropriate entries. Apply here:

The deadline to submit applications is Friday, May 14. Submit your application today!